Game Assets Usage Licenses


The Usage License outlines the general conditions for using all of our resources, assets, assets packs and 3D models (herein referred to as "Assets") for inclusion in non-commercial and commercial projects, which includes all individual assets and those included in packs (free or paid). These include all Assets created for RPG Developer Bakin, Smile Game Builder or other game engines.


By using the Assets in your projects, you agree to these terms for their use in your projects.

Some Assets may have separate Terms of Use and will be purchasable on the Gnome Treasure store and Additional license fees may apply (Section 3).

As a general rule, all Assets (whether free or paid) can be used in projects under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-ND 4.0). This means that you can copy and distribute the Assets in their unadapted form only as long as proper attribution is given (Section 4).

An asset pack that contains multiple assets, which counts as a single Asset, can be used in non-commercial and commercial games even if combined with other Assets.


Depending on whether you use the Assets for non-commercial or commercial purposes, an appropriate licensing fee is required.

3.1 Non-Commercial Use

For non-commercial projects, attribution must be given (Section 5) and no additional fees apply. A minimum donation of $10, while not mandatory, is greatly appreciated (Section 4).

3.2 Commercial Use License

Use of Assets in commercial projects require a license fee.

  • If you’re using the Assets in a free or freely distributed game, then the Non-Commercial Use applies.
  • If you’re using the Assets in games that can be purchased or from which you are (or which you are intending on) making money, the Commercial Use applies.

3.2.1 Universal Use License

The Universal Use License grants non-exclusive rights to use the Assets in multiple commercial projects (up to 5) without needing to purchase separate Commercial Use Licenses for each project. The cost of this license is $50, which grants a $25 saving, if you get 5 single use licenses.

3.2.2 Single Use License

For individual projects, the Single Use License grants non-exclusive rights to use the Assets in one project only and costs $15 per project. If they are then used in another future project, an additional license fee is required.

If you intend to use or are planning on using the Assets in more than one project, the Universal Use License will be your best option.

These licenses do not permit redistribution of the Assets, except in the projects for which they will be used, provided that they are properly encrypted in an exported executable or converted format and they cannot be individually shared through those projects.

Additionally, including the Assets in other packs, modifying or adapting the Assets for purposes other than using them in your projects, redistributing and reselling the Assets on other websites and importing them into software other than those they were designed for, are not allowed for any purpose.


Donations are always welcome! These contribute towards server costs and upgrades as well as future prize funds. If you wish to donate even a dollar, it all counts.

You can donate through the following websites:

¶ We are looking into other donation/payment options for those who – for whatever reason – cannot access these websites.


Regardless of which license you use, credit to either "Companion Wulf" or "RPG Maker Times" is required. This must be placed on the project’s web site and/or included documentation accompanying the project.

Optionally, credits can be placed somewhere in the project, notably the end credits.