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New Prices, Products & Other Updates


We released two SMILE GAME BUILDER terrains packs – the Brick Walls Vol. 1 and Stone Walls Vol. 1 – which are available now for $3.49. Each pack contains 90 unique terrains in 6 variations: normal, small ivy, thick ivy and their snow-covered versions.

From September 10, 2022, we have no further plans on creating any more SMILE GAME BUILDER (SGB) assets.

RPG Developer Bakin Assets

With the imminent early access release of RPG Developer Bakin (October 3, 2022). Upon its release we will start producing assets for it, including the Market Pack and terrains unreleased for SGB, optimized for Bakin.

Our range of terrains and 3D models will make good use of Bakin’s cool new features and functionalities. More information on these packs ahead of its official release.

New Upcoming Products

The designs for our range of products (T-shirts, mousemats, etc.) are finally nearing completion. We’re in the process of finalising the images we want displayed on our products.

Tryggr the Troll, the unofficial RPG Maker Times mascot, features strongly on some of the products. We will, however, also have a range of other images, such as Tina’s artwork and various memes and logos.

Pro Members

We added a Members area where our Pro Members can benefit from members-only content. For instance, things like discounts on our products, free products and exclusive content.

There are three payment tiers: monthly, six-monthly or annually. Select the one that suits you.

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