Terms of Use

These Terms of Use outline the conditions for using the resources and assets on this site.

Some resources are not free, however, and will be part of a larger commercial package as and when they’re complete. These may have a separate Terms of Use alongside prices and payment information and will be purchasable on the Gnome Treasure store and Itch.io.

By using them in your projects, you agree to these terms and to abide by them. This applies to both free and paid resources and assets.

Unsure Which One to Use?<
  • If you’re using the assets or resources in a free or freely distributed game, then the Non-Commercial Use license applies.
  • If you’re using the assets or resources in games that can be purchased or which you’re making money from, the Commercial Use license applies.
  • We (will) also provide a Universal Use license for multiple uses.
Types of Licenses

Non-Commercial Use License

All assets on the Gnome Treasure store used in non-commercial projects are generally used under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC).

This means that you can use and distribute them freely in your non-commercial projects.

Universal Use License

For those who want to use the assets on the Gnome Treasure store in more than one commercial project, this is the best option.

The Universal Use License allows you to use the assets in multiple commercial projects (up to 5) without needing to purchase separate Commercial Use Licenses for each game.

Commercial Use License

If you intend to use assets on the Gnome Treasure store in commercial projects, you are required to purchase a Commercial Use License.

The price of a Commercial Use License is $15 per commercial game. (Donations above this amount is greatly appreciated, of course!)