Commercial Use License

Unsure Which One to Use?

  • If you’re using the assets or plugins in a free or freely distributed game, then Non-Commercial Use applies.
  • If you’re using the assets or plugins in games that can be purchased or from which you are (or which you are intending on) making money, Commercial Use applies.

The Commercial Use License outlines the conditions for using my assets and resources (including graphics, models and plugins) made public on this site and others in the RPG Maker Times Network. By using them you agree to these terms. This applies to the following:

Smile Game Builder Commercial Use License

1. OVERVIEW This license outlines the conditions for using the assets and assets packs in the Smile Game Builder section for inclusion in commercial projects. This includes all individual assets and those included in packs (free or paid). 2. COMMERCIAL TERMS OF USE By using the assets in your projects, you agree to the terms […]

RPG Maker MV Plugins Commercial Use License

The Commercial Use License applies to all RPG Maker MV plugins in the site's RMMV Plugins section if used in commercial games or projects.