Ground Terrain Megapack Vol. 1 – Hi-Tex Assets (SMILE GAME BUILDER)



The Ground Hi-Tex Terrain Megapack Vol. 1 contains 203 terrains assets (plus duplicate terrains for stairs and slopes) for use in SMILE GAME BUILDER.

¶ This pack is undergoing some improvements (update available soon). Those who have already purchased the pack will not need to purchase it again.



The Ground Hi-Tex Terrain Megapack Vol. 1 contains 203 terrains assets for use in SMILE GAME BUILDER. Also included, for your convenience, are duplicated terrains for stairs and slopes (renamed accordingly).

Pack Contents

A full list of the different types are included an SGB Ground Megapack #1 Contents DOC file.

After purchase, a download link will be made available once the money clears in PayPal. Please allow up to 48 hours for the order to be completed. You will need a program to unzip the files to your hard drive (I’d recommend Hamster ZIP).

Pack Notes

Each pack uses a specific numbering convention that is designed to integrate with other packs, thus:

  • FLR – Floor
  • GRO – Ground
  • WAL – Wall
  • WTR – Water/Liquid
  • HFP – House Furniture Pack
  • HSP – House Pack

The contents of this pack are ​only​ for use with SMILE GAME BUILDER and cannot be used in or as part of other programs. For all terms, please read the Terms & Conditions section.

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