$30 Smile Game Builder Terrains Bundle


The $30 Smile Game Builder Terrains Bundle contains 377 unique terrains, from walls to floors. (Also compatible with RPG Developer Bakin.)

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The Compass Graphics Pack Vol. 1 for RPG Developer Bakin contains 5 stylized compass and needles graphics to replace the default ones. You can mix and match them to suit your needs.


The pack contains:

  • 90 Brick Walls
  • 90 Stone Walls
  • 71 Wood Walls
  • 24 Tiled Walls
  • 55 Wood Floors
  • 22 Stone Floors
  • 12 Metal Floors
  • 13 Miscellaneous Floors

How To use

  • Extract the contents of the ZIP file somewhere on your hard drive.
  • Under Common Events, Add “Compass Event” preset.
  • Click “Background” and select the compass graphics you want to use (from wherever you extracted the contents. Add and exit.
  • Click “Needle” and select the compass needle graphic you want to use. Add and exit.

The contents of this pack are only for use with Smile Game Builder (by extension RPG Developer Bakin) and cannot be used in or as part of other game engines or programs (see the Terms of Use below).

Payment Notes

  • Payment receipts through PayPal will show as “RPG Maker Times”.
  • This pack – and other related projects – is also available on Itch.io.

For additional terms, including commercial use, please also read the Terms & Conditions on the Gnome Treasure Store.


The pack is sold “as is” but, after purchase, I cannot offer refunds.

Terms of Use

  • You may not use these graphics in other engines; they’re designed for Smile Game Builder and RPG Developer Bakin only.
  • You cannot redistubute or resell this asset pack.
  • You cannot reuse or repurpose the graphics contained in this pack, but you may modify them for your projects.
  • This pack can be used in non-commercial projects and in commercial projects for a nominal donation.
  • You must credit “Companion Wulf” or “RPG Maker Times” when using these assets somewhere in your project (usually the end credits).
  • A link to this page or the Bakin Athenaeum – or any of my social media accounts – is greatly appreciated, although not necessary.

Copyright Information

All graphics in this pack are copyrighted to Companion Wulf.

Users are granted non-exclusive use of these graphics in their RPG Developer Bakin projects.


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