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New Prices, Structure, Products & Other Updates


All terrain packs for SMILE GAME BUILDER are now priced at $4.99, which will include future packs. Each pack contains between 100 and 200 terrains, excluding stairs and slopes.

I’m working on updating the current assets packs: Ground Terrains Megapack Vol. 1, Wall Terrains Megapack Vol. 1 and House Pack Terrains Megapack Vol. 1.

These updates include various retextures as well as improved stairs and slopes terrains. Existing buyers can redownload the packs free of charge; there’s no need to repurchase them.

New Megapacks

Work has begun on the Ground Terrains Vol. 1 Expansion Pack (available soon), which contains additional terrains for that megapack.

The Wall Terrains Megapack Vol. 1 (and future wall terrains) will come in two flavours: Clean and Dirty.

In addition, work on several new megapacks for use in SMILE GAME BUILDER has begun. These include the Asylum and Manor packs (includes terrains and models), more wall terrains and floor terrains.

I don’t have an ETA date yet. However, the goal is the end of this month (February).

New Upcoming Products

Our range of products (T-shirts, mousemats, etc.) is nearing completion. We’re in the process of finalising the images we want displayed on our products.

Tryggr the Troll, the RPG Maker Times mascot, features strongly in the products. We will, however, have a range of other images, such as Tina’s artwork and various memes.

Bitcoins Payment

We already accept PayPal as the primary payment method.

We’re in the process of implementing Bitcoins as a method of payment. Moreover, we’re looking into other payment options as well for those who don’t have PayPal accounts.

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