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Our New Products

We’re Excited!

We’re excited to start bringing you our range of new products, from T-shirts to mugs. And over time, we’ll add more designs. We’re working hard on some unique, stylised designs too.

Many of our products go through Printful, a print-on-demand (PoD) service, so they’ll ship your products soon after you order.

Custom Designs

We’re also considering custom designs. For example, a family portrait or a selfie on a T-shirt, laptop case or mug, exclusive to you. We have no plans yet, as this is still in its planning stages and whether or not it would be viable.

RPG Maker Times Merchandise

Tryggr the Troll
Tryggr the Troll
Furthermore, as part of our Odysee and YouTube video channels merchandise, we are bringing our mascot, Tryggr the Troll, to life.

He’ll appear in various situations and poses, undoubtedly with witty captions or as memes.

Tryggr the Troll was originally created in Daz 3D Studio just for fun. However, over time he became the subject of a story idea and eventually had his own blog for awhile. Eventually, perhaps as a result, he developed his own personality so became the official mascot for the RPG Maker Times blogs and networks.